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Ayala Polo Club

Santiago Schweitzer and Patricio Neves  50th Cup de Plata (c) Matias Callejo
Santiago Schweitzer and Patricio Neves 50th Cup de Plata (c) Matias Callejo

Ayala Polo Club

Ayala Polo Club was founded in 1960s shortly after 1964 when Enrique Zóbel, nephew of Joseph McMicking (founder of Sotogrande), build Sotogrande's first polo ground, known as the ‘Playa’ field, located between what is today Sotogrande’s Real Golf Club and the beach. This field was distroyed by winter storms. His son Iñigo Zóbel, after the formation of Ayala Polo Club, continues the polo project.

Since February 2006 Ayala’s installations have improved; the club now boasts three professional polo fields and three exercise tracks, 1 roofed riding school and three groups of private stables.

From 12th May to 11th September 2022 the Ayala Polo Club organise eleven tournaments consiting of a total of 250 matches. The Ayala Club, which tested its upgraded facilities with an international tournaments in 2020, has stepped up to be the principal Sotogrande Tornament organisors for the 2022 and next five seasons at least to 2027.

Spring Polo Festival takes place almost every weekend from late March to mid July. Weekly tournaments typically start on Thursday or Friday and run until Sunday.Tournaments take place throughout the spring and summer months at the polo clubs in Sotogrande.

The most important tournament is Torneo Internacional Polo. This tornament is divided into three tournaments Bronze, Silver and Gold. The tournaments are free events open to the public.   In 2022 the 51st International Polo Tournament is being organised by Ayala Polo Club instead of the traditional Santa Maria Polo Club. Most of the matches including the finals are taking place at the Santa Maria Club Los Pinos grounds in Sotogrande.

In matches played by handicapped players (as opposed to open competition, where handicaps are not considered), the handicaps of all four players are totalled. If the total handicap of a team is more than that of the team against which they are playing, the difference is added to the scoreboard and would begin the match with a two-goal advantage.

The handicap of a player will be written as HCP. The word Alto, Medio or Bajo will be put before the HCP to determine the handicap of the player, Alto meaning high (professionals), Medio meaning medium and Bajo as low (novices).    For a tournament, the total team handicap is counted and teams must have the same total handicap to compete against each other. Usually, a Copa de Bronze is for novices, with Copa de Plata being for higher handicaps, until you reach Copa de Oro tournaments which will be professional players with high handicaps. More about the game of Polo.

Watching the Polo at Ayala

The Ayala Club welcomes spectators during the summer late afternoons evenings; admission and parking is free.  


Tel: 956 780 106


Club de Polo Dos Lunas
Hacienda de San Enrique, Km 1,
11312 San Enrique
nr Sotogrande
San Roque (Cádiz)


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