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Polo Valley

Tom Meyrick demonstrating the game of Polo © Andres Lopez Sheridan
Tom Meyrick demonstrating the game of Polo © Andres Lopez Sheridan

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Polo Valley - Sotogrande

by Andres Lopez Sheridan

Although polo clubs proliferate across Sotogrande due to the sport's tradition in the area and the pleasant weather found across Andalucia, newer club Polo Valley has decided to approach the game from a different angle. The staff at Polo Valley offer their guests the opportunity to learn to play polo from scratch, without any need of previous experience or equipment in an immersive course with full board accommodation.

Whether it's discovering what a chukker is or improving a neckshot, reasons abound for one to visit Polo Valley and get a taste of The Game of Kings, a sport that combines horsemanship, camaraderie, nature, and adrenaline.

Morning lessons are dedicated to learning about the sport, practising horse-riding skills and honing one's shot, while evening sessions allow guests the opportunity of playing the game itself. All of this occurs under the experienced instruction of the resident polo manager, Tom Meyrick, who has been playing polo since the age of seven. Tom is a six goal professional who has played both with and against many of the best players in the world at all possible levels, including high goal.

The Polo Valley complex is fully equipped with all that it's visitors may need in order to begin learning how to play polo or to improve their already existing polo skills. In between 10 and 20 horses are specifically trained on the grounds every year, a selection of which end up finding a permanent home at the Polo Valley ranch. The large selection of polo ponies available allows the crew to match each visitor's needs to a particular horse. Furthermore, the club has plans to expand in the next coming years with the additions of a restaurant and a club house. These extensions are designed to build and consolidate the fresh new polo family that is forming in this part of Sotogrande.

The best way to get to Polo Valley is by driving the direction to Sotogrande and taking the A-2102 to Secadero; from there, track up the Guadiaro river until you spot the finca with the name on the left hand side of the road.




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