Bar Flores

Bar Flores

Probably the town's oldest tapas bar, and one of the smallest, is Bar Flores, which first opened its doors during the 1940s.

This symbolic tavern is situated in the centre of Torremolinos and offers customers a slice of times gone by.

Their tapas, mainly fish and seafood, include octopus, squid and several variations of the classic prawn pil pil. One can choose from a selection of sweet Malaga wines served straight from oak casks, or a chilled glass of the local Victoria beer.

The charm of this establishment lies in its aged ambience and it is the perfect place to escape from the twenty-first century.

Next door to Los Flores is another of the town's popular Spanish café-bars that is renowned for its selection of tapas and platos combinados.

Bar Jerez sits at the top of Calle San Miguel, next to the Unicaja bank, and it is a hive of activity from early morning to late at night.

Serving breakfasts, snacks and tapas, Bar Jerez is popular during the day time due to its outside seating area.

Their tapas menu offers excellent quality and includes traditional homemade Spanish omelet, meatballs, pork in tomato sauce, chicken or pork pinchitos and various mayonnaise based salads.



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