La Campana

La Campana

Situated just a few yards from the Plaza Costa del Sol, in Calle La Cruz, one will find La Campana, one of the town's oldest and most emblematic taverns.

Some of the most famous wines of the province are served straight from the twelve oak barrels, and one will be tempted by their extensive selection of Sherries.

A glass of decent wine costs around one euro, but probably more appealing is the huge selection of freshly caught seafood that is available on a daily basis.

La Campana, one of the few bars left in the area that still chalks the bill on the counter-top, is renowned for the quality of its sea food tapas and the prices are kept considerably lower than most seafood establishments in the area.

The tavern offers tapas or half-rations of mussels, prawns, scallops, oysters, clams and crab, and they also serve some of the best olives in the town.     

La Campana has changed little over the years and much of the old Andalusian ambience can still be found here: one of the nice things about this old institution is the simplicity of the way in which it is run.   La Campana adheres to the traditional siesta, opening around 10 am until 4pm. The bar reopens at 6.30 pm and continues serving until midnight.


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