Golf in Antequera © Michelle Chaplow
Golf in Antequera

Among the most popular sporting activities in the Antequera region are horse riding, trekking and golf. Also, inside the city there are numerous opportunies to join organized sport activities and teams. For more information about these activities, check with the gym ("gimnasio" or "polideportivo") nearest you:



  • Gimnasio Florida. C/ Herrezuelos, 22.

  • Gimnasio Multiaventura Las Navillas. C/ Cambrón  y Villate, 11.

  • Gimnasio Club de Campo de Antequera. C/ Lucena, 10.

  • Gimnasio Club Matagrande. Camino Matagrande.

Tennis and padel are also popular sports. Visit these facilities for more information:

  • Club de Tenis Fuente Mora. Urb. Santa Catalina.

  • Club Matagrande. Camino Matagrande.

  • Club de Pádel La Quinta. Urb. La Quinta.

Excellent golf course serve the Antequera region as well:

  • Antequera Golf. Campo de 18 hoyos, en el hotel de cuatro estrellas Antequera Golf.

For those interested in trekking, the El Chorro natural park is filled with opportunities with over 300 different routes. Visit our section about El Chorro for more information.


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