Shopping in Antequera © Michelle Chaplow
Shopping in Antequera

Antequera is filled with small shops usually run as family businesses. However, there are also modern shopping centres, including a fully equipped "Hipermarket" on the outskirts of the city. It is, therefore, easy to meet all basic shopping requirements. In addition, it's quite easy to find markets offering produce from the countryside, including, fruits, vegetables, and olive oil, honey and fresh eggs. Fresh fish arrives regularly from the nearby Costa del Sol.



There is also a thriving furniture and home decoration and improvement industry for those seeking products, materials and services.

While Antequera does not stand out as a centre for fashion, you will find many shops selling clothing and shoes. For a wider variety, it's best to visit the large shopping malls located on the nearby Costa del Sol.

Local artisans are known for their work with gold. Many also work with locally harvested vegetable fibres to produce baskets. Furniture is also manufactured locally.


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