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Antequera - Taxi Fares and Tariffs

Antequera - Taxi Fares and Tariffs

A taxi rank in Marbella
Ready to go!

Taxis in Antequera are abundant. but if you cannot find one parked in a taxi rank, you can either hail a passing taxi with displaying a green vacant light or call one by telephone. 

The higher rate applies after ten at night and all day Saturday, Sunday and Holidays. 

If you are taking a taxi to the airport it is usually better to book in advance or arrange to travel with an airport transfer company, to get the best prices.


Antequera town centre taxi fares

Single journey from tax rank to anywhere in old town centre 4.50€
Supliment for booking a taxi 0.50€
Supliment for suitcases 0.30€
Waiting time 16.00 € per hour. 




Taxis ANTEQUERA - Fares and Tariffs TO OTHR TOWNS 

Below is a table showing the average prices for Taxis from Antequera to popular destinations. At the foot of the page is the official fares for all taxi in Andalucia that travel outside a town limit.


Price (€)
Malaga Airport
75 - 90
Granada Airport
100 - 120
Seville Airport
200 - 230
115 - 135
Caminito del Rey
40 - 50
Cordoba city
140 - 165
Granada city
125 - 150
Antequera Santa Ana train station
25 - 30


Price in € correct 2017. Tarif 1 to Tarif 2
Tarif 1 - Weekdays from 06.00 until 22.00 hrs. Except bank holidays.
Tarif 2 - Weekdays from 22.00 until 06.00 hrs. Saturdays, Sundays and bank holidays.


Here is phone numbers on Taxi ranks in Antequera:+34 952 845 530


Inter Urban Taxi Fares


Taxi fares from one town to another are regulated by the Junta de Andalucia (Consejería de Fomento y Vivienda). As published in BOJA Number 24 on 5th February 2021.  (PDF) for fares from 1st January 2021.  They are revised annually by the 'índice de precios al consumo' (IPC) (Consumer price index)

Tarif Band 7.   Monday to Friday 06.00 to 22.00 hrs

Start of Service 3.27 €,
Rate per km 0.63 €   
Minimum fee 3,42 €
Waiting time; 15,67 € per hour (or 3.92 € per part of 15 mins).

Tarif Band 8. Monday to Friday 20.00 to 06.00 hrs, Saturday and Sunday and holidays.

Start of Service 1.63 €,
Rate per km 0.75 €,
Minimum fee 3,42 €
Waiting time; 18,83 € per hour (or 4.71 € per part of 1 5mins).