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by Robina Lowry

The Folk Museum near the main square Plaza Virgen de la Peña has an art gallery for exhibitions by local artists as well as a permanent exhibitions of paintings, photography, ceramics and tools used in the Mijas countryside years ago. Previously the original town hall, it is one of Mijas's most historic buildings and recent improvements have added two renovated oil mills, a special room dedicated to exhibitions of the Sierra de Mijas and a traditional wine cellar. On the first floor there are additional exhibition rooms dedicated to the countryside and the sea, with items commemorating the traditional way of life in the village. On the second floor visitors can see how traditional crafts such as carpentry have evolved through the years. Open from 09.00 to 14.00 and from 17.00 to 19.00.

The Mijas town hall also has an art gallery, which has a variety of exhibitions throughout the year. Opening hours are influenced by Town Hall working practice from 09.00 to 14.00.

The Tamisa gallery in Plaza de la Constitucion, Edificio Alcazaba has exhibitions by its resident artists on show Monday to Saturday from 10.00 to 20.00.

Foto Art Mijas

Foto Art in Mijas is a photography gallery showing the works of the late photographer Jesus Jaime Mota (1964-2011), who was born in the town. The gallery is managed by Jesus' widow and his son Alejandro.   During his photographic career Jesus travelled the world with his camera, winning numerous prestigious awards at national and international level. His photos appeared in the Sunday Times Magazine, among many others, and he also collaborated on humanitarian projects.

This gallery is a place where you can be transported from Mijas to far-off destinations such as Tanzania, Burma and India. It’s full of visual treats, the prices of his work are very reasonable so you can take home your own treasured memento of Jesus' unique perspective.   Alejandro is following in the footsteps of his highly acclaimed father, and the young photographer's contemporary work, many of the images depicting Mijas itself, are on sale in the gallery. Well worth a visit.

Calle Los Caños 3, Mijas, Malaga Tel 952 485 192

Centro de Arte Mijas

Established in 1972 by foreign residents in order to teach art to local children, the Centro has become an important part of Mijas life, as well as providing a variety of arts and language classes it has become a place for people to meet and make friends. A non-for-profit organisation, run largely by volunteers. There are various art classes during the week and a Children's Creative Workshop on Saturday mornings. More>

Edificio Algarrobo, Plaza Virgen de la Pena.     



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