Festivals in Mijas Pueblo

On the evening of the 5th of January there is a procession (Cabalgata), when the Three Kings parade through the streets on colourful floats. Sweets are thrown to the many children lining the streets. The 6th of January is traditionally the day that children are given their Christmas presents in Spain and so this is a big day for them and the whole family.

The Carnival is celebrated in February, when there are lots of fun events and the chance to don your fancy dress.

Easter week in Mijas Pueblo is very pretty and it is well worth visiting at this time of year, although if you are looking to stay there during the Easter celebrations, you would need to book up well in advance, since it is one of the busiest times of the year. Despite the fact there is now a large foreign population, the 'Mijeñans' take their religion and beliefs as seriously now as ever and story of the Passion of Christ is told each day in the carefully planned and rehearsed processions. The narrow village streets come alive with history and tradition.


On the second or third Saturday in May, the Town Hall organises the International Day. This multicultural festival gives all nationalities the chance to find out more about other nationalities and have a lot of fun in the process. There are stalls for each country where you can try traditional food and drink, buy presents and clothes, dance, listen to music and see shows. This is wonderful family day out and becoming more popular every year.

La noche de San Juan (the night of San Juan) falls on the 24th of June, but sometimes the celebrations go on over a few days. This celebration of the longest night and the beginning of summer is held in San Sebastian Street in the Village and there is a spectacular fireworks display at midnight.

Corpus Christi is celebrated in the traditional Spanish way, by covering the village streets in 'romero' (rosemary). The village takes on a somewhat mediaeval air with the wonderful smell of these herbs and the overall traditional atmosphere.

July & August
Due to the higher level of the mountain village than down on the coast, the hot summer months are a wonderful time to enjoy balmy nights at the many festivals and concerts on offer. Amongst the many things to do are;

  • The Flamenco Dance Festival in July, when you can see wonderful traditional dance displays by local and national groups.
  • A special Latin American Night in August turns the village square into a South American dance festival. You can join in the music and dancing for a hot summer night.
  • The Spanish Theatre Festival is also held in August in the Mijas open air theatre.
  • There is also a Rock night in the village, with music for the young at heart.


Mijas Feria
The annual Mijas Fair is a week long celebration, in honour of the patron saint of Mijas; The Virgen de la Peña (Virgin of the Rock), is traditionally from the second Saturday in September (2019 was 7th september) running to the following Wednesday.  The main square of Mijas pueblo is the hub of all the action, with various stalls and bars set up for the occasion, where there is plenty of food and drink to sample, while watching (or joining in) the traditional Sevillana dancing. This is the time to see beautifully turned out Spanish horses and an array spectacular flamenco dress, while sampling the traditional sherry.

Also in September the Town Hall organises a special day dedicated to The Tourist. Conscious of the importance of the many thousands of visitors each year to this enchanting village, a festival is laid on offering a taste of tradition in the form of wine and dancing.

A Christmas Concert is a chance to hear traditional Christmas Carols. The Concert is usually held at the Town Hall.

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Visit this beautiful and charming village with a typical arab urban layout of tight streets and well preserved Andalusian architecture: white houses, barred windows and colorful pots with flowers. Your local guide will show you every corner of this town as you learn more about its people and its history on this 1.5 hrs tour.

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