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Basílica Menor de la Sacra Iglesia Parroquial de San Ildefonso

Basílica Menor de la Sacra Iglesia Parroquial de San Ildefonso

The first evidence that exists of the original structure and seed of Basílica Menor de la Sacra Iglesia Parroquial de San Ildefonso dates back to 1248, when it was created as a chapel for serving the Cathedral. Two centuries later, in 1430, it became the scene of a famous miraculous event: the descent of the Virgin Mary to the city of Jaén. After this event, the building became a shrine dedicated to the Virgin of the Chapel and homage was paid to the image of her found inside it. In the sixteenth century, the Virgin of the Chapel was named patron saint of Jaén.

The church comprises three doorways: the oldest, in Gothic style, is at the back of the church. The side doorway, in Renaissance style, has a relief of San Idelfonso receiving the mass vestments from Mary. The last to be built was the main doorway, in Neoclassical style, which is crowned by an image of the Saint who the building is named after. The remains of the famous architect and stonemason, Andrés de Vandelvira, are buried here.


Winter, Monday-Thursday and Saturday, 08:30-12:30 hrs and 17:00-20:30 hrs.
Winter, Friday, 08:30-11:00hrs and 17:00-20:30hrs.
Winter, Sundays and Bank Holidays, 08:30-13:30hrs and 18:00-20:30hrs.
Summer, Monday-Thursday and Saturday, 09:30-13:30hrs and 18:00-21:30 hrs.
Summer, Friday, 09:30-12:00hrs and 18:00-21:30 hrs.
Summer, Sundays and Bank Holidays: 09:30-13:30hrs and 17:00-21:30 hrs.




Tel: 953 19 03 46


Located in Plaza de San Idelfonso.


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