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Iglesia de San Juan y Torre del Concejo

Iglesia de San Juan y Torre del Concejo

It is one of the first temples in Jaén, as it dates from the second half of the fourteenth century, and was built on a mosque; proof of this is the existence of the remains of a Muslim minaret on Calle Martínez Molina. From the Torre del Concejal you could see all the orchards of the capital, and the clock was the hourly guide for all the residents.

The Parroquia de San Juan, one of the oldest parishes in the city, ceased to be so in 1843. Later, in 1907, it absorbed the disappeared parish of San Pedro, and was renamed the Parroquia de San Pedro-Iglesia de San Juan.

In 1944 its structure was in ruins, and the diocesan architect, Francisco López Rivera, was in charge of its restoration. The main façade, has suffered during its history several collapses and subsequent restorations, currently there are no original Gothic vestiges. The façade is the result of a work carried out in the eighteenth century, crowned with a belfry with three holes, which preserves the remains of Elizabethan-Gothic multilinear moldings. The interior of the temple is very simple and there are no remains of the old construction.

Located in Plaza de San Juan.


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