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Iglesia de San Bartolomé

Iglesia de San Bartolomé

The small church is of medieval origin, being erected as a parish in the fourteenth century and built between the sixteenth and eighteenth centuries. A space with a steep slope that is softened by stone “cantons”, being delimited by a series of stately buildings of which there are still vestiges and among which the, Casa del Conde de Águila, stands out, better known as the “House of fear”. The main facade of the church, dated in the last third of the seventeenth century, is attributed to Eufrasio López de Rojas. The magnificent altarpiece on its main altar holds a work attributed to the carver Sebastián de Solís, from the sixteenth century. And on the other side, the processional image of the Cristo de la Expiración, made by José de Medina in the eighteenth century and considered one of the best carvings of crucified in Jaén.

Located in Plaza de San Bartolomé.


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