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Cámara Obscura de Capuchinos

Cámara Obscura de Capuchinos

The Capuchinos Dark Chamber was installed in one of the towers of the Alameda auditorium, intended to recover the view offered by the old Capuchin viewpoint. Its location is considered the ideal one for contemplating the olive-growing countryside of Jaén, to have fantastic views of the monuments of the city, as well as to observe the wonderful nature that surrounds the city.

There are currently a total of 69 dark chambers around the world of which 48 are in Europe and only 9 in Spain, one of them in Jaén. The one in Jaén is the camera with the longest focal length of all of them. The Camera Obscura is an optical mechanism made up of a mirror and two lenses. The image captured from above is projected onto a concave screen located inside more than 10 meters away.

Located on Calle Alameda de Adolfo Suárez.


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