Ifergan Collection

Ifergan Collection
Ifergan Collection

Ifergan Collection

Ifergan Collection is closed for reformations and is due to repoen in mid June 2023

The Ifergan Collection enables us to perceive history through all our senses. It is one of the most important archaeological private collections in the world, inviting us to travel in time by contemplating pieces from the mythical Mesopotamia to the birth of Islam, through Egypt, Greece, Rome, Persia and Byzantium.

Located in Málaga city centre, the museum's architecture was inspired by Jerusalem and harmoniously merges the three great Mediterranean cultures, Judaism, Christianity and Islam, creating a space filled with coexistence and tolerance. Every stone, every detail, every arch and every drawing of the building has been carefully studied in order to adapt it to the fusion of these three cultures.

One of the museum's main attractions is Malaka Hall, which houses more than 100 extraordinary votive figures originating from a Phoenician shipwreck off the Lebanon coast in 1958. The Hall narrates the odyssey of these people, from the moment they escaped from Tyre, besieged by Alexander the Great in the year 332 B.C. until they reached Málaga, almost 2,500 years later.

In 1958, opposite the city of Tyre in present-day Lebanon, a shipwreck was discovered by chance when it became entangled in a fishermen's net. When the fishermen pulled in their net, they found a terracotta figurine incrusted with mollusks and shells.

After an initial cleaning, intervention and identification of the pieces, most were acquired by the Salim Haddad and Marwan Shebab galleries for their collections, both located in Beirut in the 1970s. During the subsequent years, individual pieces were distributed to different galleries and private collections around the world.


The visit is complemented by Snack Jerusalem, where visitors can savour a selection of the finest dishes from ancestral Mediterranean gastronomy, especially Sephardic Jewish cuisine, seasoned with a variety of spices from the Near East.



Tuesday to Sunday: 10.00 - 19.00 hrs

Last visit at 18:00 hrs
Closed Mondays, December 25 & January 1st and 6th


Ifergan Collection + Malaka Hall: General admission: €10. Discounted admission fee: €9 .

Ifergan Collection +Malaka Hall+ Jerusalem Snack Tasting: General admission fee with tasting menu: €9. Discounted admission fee: People older than 65 years of age.


Tel: 951 937 341


Calle Sebastián Souvirón 9, 29005 Malaga.


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