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Follow our guide to the museums of Malaga © Michelle Chaplow
Follow our guide to the museums of Malaga

Museums in Malaga

Map of Museums in Malaga

Whether you like wine, archaeology or cars; you’re interested in glass, contemporary art or 19th century painting, you’re sure to find at least one museum which will interest you in the city.

Most visitors to Malaga go to the Picasso museum and his birth house, as the painter is the most famous son of the city. There is also a first rate art museum now which focuses on Andalucian art – the Museo Carmen Thyssen.

Other museums include the Wine Museum, where you can learn about Malaga’s own vintages, while two private collections offer the quirkiest experiences: the Automobile Museum, with an ingenious fashion section for non-car fans, and the Glass and Crystal Museum, which also features antique furniture and paintings, all arranged by period.

Contemporary art lovers mustn’t miss the CAC (Centro de Arte Contemporaneo), Andalucia’s foremost cutting-edge space. 

Carmen Thyssen-Bornemisza, one of the world's foremost art collectors, now has her own eponymous museum in Malaga, which opened in March 2011. The paintings are from her personal collection,… More →

Located in an area known as Soho de Málaga, on the banks of the normally dry Guadalmedina river, is the Centro de Arte Contemporáneo. This exciting modern art museum is housed in the former… More →

The Museo de Málaga, which was actually constituted in 1973, opened on 12 December 2016 in the impressive Palacio de la Aduana. It has brought together the former Museo Provincial de Bellas Artes… More →

The museum houses 100 pieces dating from the 15th to 20th centuries specially selected for Málaga, as well as two temporary exhibitions each year. The works come from the Russian State Museum's… More →

Opened on 28 March 2015, the Pop-Up Pompidou is housed in El Cubo, a cuboid glass structure in Malaga port, and buildings next to it. It received 76 thousand visitors in the first three months.… More →

The Málaga Airport Museum is worth a visit whether you love airplanes, airports, local history or simply getting a glimpse inside a project 100% made-in-Málaga by a group of passionate, "Friends… More →

The Térmica officially opened its doors on the 18th January 2013 and is an addition to Malaga's cultural scene. Described as a "cultural epicenter", the Térmica is a central public creative space… More →

This religious museum is housed in the Casa de Hermandad (House of Brotherhood) and boasts impressive exhibitions of the processional thrones and canopies. There are also two further exhibition… More →

Located in the heart of the historical artistic district of Málaga, this religious museum showcases the thrones and other processional accessories, such as crucifixes, of the Cofradía de… More →

A museum showcasing the history of and objects relating to the Cofradía de la Esperanza (Brotherhood of Hope). On display are the processional accessories and thrones of the Brotherhood, as well… More →

Run by the Peña Juan Breva, a foundation for those associated to Flamenco in Malaga, houses an impressive collection of over 5000 pieces. Included in this is a collection of more than 2500 records… More →

Located in the area of La Victoria just 500 metres away from the Plaza de Merced, the Basiclica of Santa Maria is one of the oldest in the city, with origins dating back to the year 1487.

Located inside the former Hospital of San Julian, the Museo de la Semana Santa invites visitors to explore behind-the-scenes of a Holy Week procession in Málaga. There are several rooms showcasing… More →

A museum showcasing objects and assets of the Brotherhood of Christ La Expiración. Don't miss the room dedicated to processional items and devotional offerings.

Inaugurated in 2002, the MIMMA is located in the historic centre of Malaga and houses one of Europe's most comprehensive private collections of musical instruments. The collection is compiled of… More →

With a tour guided in either Spanish or English, guests will be able to explore the entire stadium and, in the pioneering museum, experience the history of football in Málaga over the last century… More →

The Málaga Airport Museum (El Museo Nacional de Aeropuertos y Transporte Aéreo) is worth a visit whether you love airplanes, airports, local history or simply getting a glimpse inside a project… More →

Religious art, paintings, sculpture & manuscripts housed in the former Cathedral Chapter Room. The cathedral museum is part of the visit to the cathedral. It consists of two rooms of Religious… More →

La Malagueta itself was built in 1874, by the architect Joaquín Rucoba. The first fight took place on 11th June 1876, and the matadors who fought were Rafael Molina, Antonio Carmona, Luque El… More →

Whether you like wine, archaeology or cars; you’re interested in glass, contemporary art or 19th century painting, you’re sure to find at least one museum which will interest you in the city. Most… More →

The people of Malaga are proud of the fact that Picasso was born here and it was a big day when the King and Queen of Spain inaugurated the Museo Picasso (Picasso Museum) on the 27th October 2003… More →

The museum is located at the east end of the Paseo del Parque in Plaza Trujillos, at the foot of the Coracha near the road tunnel. The modern-looking glass-fronted building on five floors was… More →

The museum, which was opened in 2008, takes you through the history of wine in Malaga province, which is famous for its moscatel, sweet dessert wine. Apart from Jerez's sherries, Malaga's moscatel… More →

One of the new wave of museums in Malaga - it opened in 2010 as the Automobile and rebranded in 2021 as Automobile and Fashion Museum - this museum houses the private collection of Portuguese car… More →

This attractive small museum is housed in the "Meson de la Victoria", a former 17th century inn, now attractively restored. The museum is on two floors and was created to give an insight into the… More →

The Revello de Toro museums opened in late 2010 in the restored home of sculptor Pedro de Mena and houses the collection of 142 works by Malaga-born artist Felix Revello de Toro (born in 1926) of… More →

The museum re-opened after being closed for many years on 12 December 2016 as Malaga Museum in the Palacio de la Aduana.

You will find it near the entrance, housed in a building which has seen many varied uses over the centuries. This building was once the castle’s gunpowder store; before that, it was the church of… More →

Glass and Crystal Museum opened in 2009, has around 700 pieces of glass, dating from Phoenician times to the 20the century. The museum is housed in an 18th-century casa palacio in the centre of… More →

This grand building due east of the Cathedral houses the works which were formerly in the Museo de Málaga (originally housed in the Picasso Museum). The permanent collection includes some… More →

Other museums in Málaga City and province: Museo de la ciudad de Antequera, Museo de Benalmádena, Museo de Nerja and more.

The Ifergan Collection enables us to perceive history through all our senses. It is one of the most important archaeological private collections in the world, inviting us to travel in time by… More →


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