University of Málaga (UMA)

University of Málaga (UMA)

Málaga University is the Institute of Higher Education in Málaga. It is a relatively modern university set on two campuses. It is one of the most popular Universities in Spain, and especially Andalucía, famous for its affiliation with the Andalucía Technology Park (PTA). As a relatively new establishment, it is constantly growing and improving.


Málaga University is, by international standards, a very new higher education establishment, with only 25 years as an official institution. However, the colleges and faculties that make up the university have existed individually for much longer; they date back to the 1850s, when the first school opened - The School of Modern Languages and Commerce.

The movement to convert the individual educational centres into one university began in the 1960s. In 1963, the Faculty of Political Economical and Commercial Sciences opened, joining the Industrial College and the College of Higher Education as higher educational institutions of Málaga. At this point there was a solid basis for a university, but still very little support from the government to combine the separate institutions, as those which existed were, at that time, affiliated with Granada University. The result came only after considerable pressure from several citizens' groups, including the Association of Friends of Málaga University, which campaigned for the cause, until finally Málaga University was declared an official University in 1972.

Present-day university

The university offers 60 different degree titles, with some 40,000 students per year, including 6,000 international students. They offer a vast range of sports clubs; from Chess to Athletics, padel to rugby (male and female) and compete each year in the Spanish University Championships. They also have a vast number of social and cultural committees, which host an array of events; from trekking to FANCINE (a fantasy film festival arranged by the students); they also host the Andalucía Audiovisual Fair every year.

Together with Málaga Airport and the Andalucía Technology Park, Málaga University forms part of what is known as Málaga´s "productive triangle" - the base of the city´s economic success. The presence of the university students has caused a vast improvement in the nightlife of the city, which coupled with the pull of the city´s historic magnetism, makes Málaga University extremely popular with both national and international students.


The University is split between two main campuses, El Ejido and Teatinos. El Ejido is the original campus in the city centre and specialises in Economics. Teatinos is the more modern campus, in the north-west of Málaga, approximately 20 minutes from the city centre, and hosts the Faculties of Medicine and Philosophy. Teatinos campus also has most of the university´s facilities, such as libraries, sports pitches, laboratories, and computer and technical facilities. Two other faculties are based elsewhere in Málaga province, one in Antequera and one in Ronda.

Málaga University has very strong links with Andalucía Technology Park (PTA), with many buildings and amenities on the site, and it is strongly affiliated with the PTA´s research facilities. An Employment and Business Centre is shortly to be constructed on the PTA site. The campuses have a good infrastructure, with El Ejido 20 minutes from Málaga Airport, and Teatinos just 10 minutes away; both are also well connected by bus to the train station.


The university offers a broad selection of courses to offer its students. They have faculties and schools for: Tourism, Medicine, Science, Law, Philosophy, Psychology, Teaching, Nursing, Social Studies, Health Sciences, Engineering, Business Studies, Architecture and Education. It is possible to study there at almost any level, as they have undergraduate, post graduate, PHD and masters degrees, and outside term time, the University hosts summer courses and Spanish courses for foreign students.

Spanish courses for study-abroad students are also available during term time; Málaga University sees around 2,000 international students per year study Spanish language. The most popular place for international students at Málaga University is in Pedregalejo, about 20 minutes from the city centre, close to the beach. It is popular for students because of its thriving nightlife.



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