Malaga City Beaches

© Michelle Chaplow Sunbathers at Playa Malagueta
Sunbathers at Playa Malagueta

Beaches in Malaga City

Malaga City has much to offer a tourist, not only is it the cosmopolitan capital of the Costa del Sol it also has kilometres of beautiful sandy beaches. The beaches are all situated along the Promenade of Pablo Ruiz Picasso which is lined with bars and restaurants where you can sample Malagueño produce and culture at its best. Malagueta and La Caleta are the busiest beaches. All beaches are accessible via the Nº 11 Bus from Paseo del Parque.

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San Julian or Guadalmar

This beach is backed by a Golf Course belonging to the Parador Malaga Golf Hotel and sits right under the Airport flight path. It is close to the Guadalmar Urbanization. It is an official Malaga nudist beach, and frequented by mixed bathers. Facilities include: showers, off road parking, beach bar and a public telephone. The westtern part of this beach is known as Playa del Campo del Golf.

The mouth of the River Guadalhorse clearly devides the beaches at this point. the river mouth is 650 metres wide and the river has forked into two branches. In between the river branches is now a protected wildlife marchland. In 2019 and inportant section of the the Malaga costal path was constructed in the form of a wooden walkway and the longest wooden bridge in Spain.

Playa San Andres 

This long 2km beach lies to the west of port up to the mouth of the River Guadalmar. It can be seen miles away for the tall chimneys from the old sugar factories. Backed by a promenade and a seafront highway. There are plenty of beach bars. Playa San Andres has the dubious distinction of location of the execution of Torrijos and Boyd and their fellow revolutionaries in 1831. The names of local beaches along the length of Playa San Andres are: Sacaba Beach, Playa de la Misericordia and Playa de Huelin.

Malaga Port

La Malagueta

This is a very large man made beach to the east of the port, it is accessed via the Pablo Picasso promenade whose bars and restaurants are busy day and night. It has a view of the fishing area where you can see the fisherman untangling their nets. There are a number of Chiringuitos offering a selection of drinks and Tapas. Facilities include: disabled access, warning advice, hire of sunbeds and parasols, parking, public telephone, showers, toilets and a children´s play area. This beach is the closest to the city centre located to the east of the port.

La Caleta

This beach is adjacent to La Malagueta, it is 1km long and paralell to the high rise flats of Malaga City, it is fully accessible for wheelchair users. Facilities include: First aid centre, hire of parasols and sunbeds, showers, W.C, Parking, Pedalo hire, warning advice and a public telephone. This beach is famously very clean.


This beach is situated on the Seafront of the city. It is a small beach, found along the Promenade of Pablo Ruiz Picasso. It´s facilities include: Bins, Parking, and Chiringuitos (beach bars). It is a popular fishing beach as there is a slight promentary. It is the location of the 1933 Baños del Carmen bathing pavilion and restaurant.


This beach is clean and family friendly. It is a Blue Flag beach. Facilities include: disabled access, hire of sunbeds and parasols, showers, first aid point, life guard, warning advice bins, parking, public telephones, and a childrens play area

Playas del Palo

This beach or rather beaches since the protective breakwaters have created a series of semicircular beaches. They are family friendly, the shoreline has been reconstructed to maximise the space, and improve the beach area. Facilities include: showers, bins, bar restaurants, parking and a public telephone. Sunbeds and parasols are available to hire. It is accessed by the promenade. It is a very popular beach for diving and fishing. Restaurants offer locally sourced fresh fish.

Playa El Dedo

Playa el Dedo is also known as Chanquete beach. The beach is backed by the seafront promenade and front line fisherman's cottages have now given way to bars and restaurants. It is very popular in the Summer, quieter than el Palo and still used more by the local residents. The legendry El Tintero fish restaurant is located here. It is noisy but fun, formal table orders are not taken, waiters walk around the tables distributing dishes, shouting 'Anybody want Calamares'. At the end of the meal, the bill is the sum of the plates on the table.

Peñon del Cueva

Peñon del Cueva beach divided into two section and both are only about 50m long. One is nestled between El Candado Marina and the roacky headland. the other is a small cove withing the headland. The name is from the the rock (peñon) jutting out of the sea here. The beaches, conected by the coastal path and well outside of walking distance from the city center whichhelps it to be quieter and cleaner. An interesting beach with clear green water, rocky ofshore, and picturesque views for photography. The N-340 coast road clings to the headland just above the beach. There is a small parking, but access is only from the easterly carriageway of the coast road. There are no facilities on this beach.

Peñon del Cueva

Playa Fabrica de Cemento

As the name suggests the 50m long Cement Factory Beach is sheltered between two headlands one of which - La Araña has an old watchtower - Torre Vigia de La Palomas overlooking the cove. the beach is also sheltered form behind by the MA-24 cost road (old N-340) and the 1915 Cement Factory whose stack dominates the landscape for miles around. One does wonder why people choose this beach which is similar in nature to the beach infront of the Oil Refinery in San Roque. This beach is said to be a good place to watch the sunrise and sunsets. There is a popular beach bar called Mari Camen Casa which serves home cooked fare. This trendy bar stays open late inro the evening. Sunbeds are available.

Playa dse la Araña

Located on the eastern side of La Araña headland this beach is similar in nature to the Playa Fabrica de Cemento. The Araña headland protects the beach form westerly winds. it has no facilities and there are compaints about rubbish not collected and dogs on the beach. This is the penultimate beach in Malaga municipal district and seems rather forgotten.

Dog Beach Totalan

Beach located in the dry river bed of the River Totalan which forms the border between Malaga city and Rincon de la Victoria. Parking available on the wasteground. Riverbed was known for for wild camping so a special area has been set aside. Sand very coarse and stony. A bridge has been constructed over the riverbed in order to complete the coastal path.

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