Hospital Regional Universitario de Malaga

Hospital Regional Universitario de Málaga (formerly: Carlos Haya Hospital)

The first part of this large state run hospital complex was opened in 1956. Since then, it has grown and now consists of four hospitals and one specialist clinic. The main general hospital building in Avenida Carlos Haya, Malaga City, deals with most medical and surgical procedures. The Hospital Materno Infantil covers women's health, childbirth, infants and children's health. The Hospital Civil San Juan de Dios offers treatments and surgery which usually calls for a shorter stay and the Hospital Ciudad Jardín offers palliative care for terminally ill patients.

There is also a new Centro de Alta Resolución de Especialidades (CARE), which is aimed at offering a clear diagnosis, efficiently with the least delay possible and in just one visit. This pioneering initiative on behalf of the Andalucian Public Health Authorities is becoming a blue print for the rest of Spain. The centre is situated in Muelle de Heredia and has a special 24 hour emergency service.


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