Russian Art Museum

Russian Art Museum
Russian Art Museum

Russian Art Museum - MUSEO RUSO

Note 28-02-23: The Russian works of Art in the museum were removed and transported back to St Petersburg by road in May 2022 following the sanctions imposed by the EU on Russian government for the invasion of Ukraine. Malaga council was prohibited from paying the 450.000 € annual fee

In January 2023 the museum returned to it theme thanks to a large private collection of Russian Art belonging to British artist Jenny Green. Its galleries continue to offer Russian art or art related to Russian culture, but in no case does it come directly from Russia. The exhibition Russian Art, an English View is the most striking. It is made up of the collection of the British artist Jenny Green, who was thrilled during the inauguration when she saw her works hung "in such a wonderful museum". There are 76 pieces, including a Kandinsky, Maliavin's luminous Troika, a sketch by Ivanov of The Appearance of Christ before the People and a wide range of works by artists from the late 19th and early 20th centuries such as Larionov, Goncharova and Venetsianov. On view until 5 June 2023.

The Collection of St Petersburg - The Russian Museum in Malaga (Colección del Museo Ruso) is a 2,300m2 space in the old tobacco factory, known as Tabacalera and dating from the 1920s.

The museum houses 100 pieces dating from the 15th to 20th centuries specially selected for Málaga, as well as two temporary exhibitions each year. The works come from the Russian State Museum's collection in St Petersburg covering every period of Russian art. This is the first museum to house paintings from the museum in Russia.

Opened in early 2015, it is the latest of Malaga's impressive selection of museums, it  the Automobile Museum is also located in the Tabacalera building which is one km west of the city center. Received 48 thousand visitors in the first three months and 750,000 in the seven years to 2022.

The original collection

Works chosen for the first year range from icons inspired by the Byzantine tradition to the socialist realism of the Soviet era: an impressive range of pieces from the smallest up to monumental pieces.

These works represent the rich Russian artistic legacy over the past few centuries, with worldwide and well-known names of the Russian and Soviet art, such as Repin, Kandinsky, Tatlin, Rodchenko and Chagall.

You can enjoy guided tours, film screenings and concerts themed around the great wealth of Russian art: from the orthodox devotion of icons with a gold background, to the middle-class tradition of portrait and landscape, to the great upheavals of the cubist, cubist-futuristic and constructivist avant-gardes, and the 20th-century message of socialist realism.

The museum's permanent exhibition is divided into nine thematic areas: old Russian art, the 18th century, romanticism in Russia, realism, realism with Russian themes, the movement of "World of Art" and neoprimitivism, the avant-garde, Socialist Realism and art after the death of Stalin.

Opening hours

Tuesday to Sunday    9:30 to 20:00 hrs
Closed on Mondays, 1 January and 25 December

There is limited parking at the Tebacalera building. 
Entering Malaga from the Costa del Sol along Avenida Velazquez, you will turn right into Avenida Paloma and clearly see the Tebacalera at the end of Avenida Paloma.
Urban Bus 16 from Alhameda  


Tel: 951 926 150

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