Gibraltar Media

Broadcasting and Media In Gibraltar © istockphoto
Broadcasting and Media In Gibraltar

Media in Gibraltar

Gibraltar has a media scene all its own which keeps both locals and visitors up to date from a variety of perspectives.

Daily News

The Gibraltar Chronicle is published daily on The Rock, with the exception of Sundays. When the publication was founded in 1801 it was the area's first ever daily news paper. Today its aims for objectivity are aided by a trust-style ownership that helps to avoid political leanings. Brian Reyes is the Editor.

Weekly News

Panorama provides residents and visitors with cutting edge weekly news and was the first publication to conduct local opinion polls. Staff have correctly predicted election winners since 1976. The publication claims to be independent and is free.

Monthly Magazine

The Gibraltar Magazine is a lifestyle publication featuring reports on local activities, events, personalities, history and more.

On-line News

The Gibraltar Broadcasting Corporation provides an online source of live news at

Property News

123 Property News is the local, free monthly providing a platform for real estate agencies to advertise available properties. It also includes articles that discuss property issues, development and more.

For information on media related topics contact the Gibraltar Government's Press Office on Tel: +350 20051739 or Email: [email protected]



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