CLubs in Gibraltar

Gibraltar's clubs, organisations and associations are an excellent way to get to know this area and it's people more intimately. For more information and a full listing contact the Gibraltar Tourist Board on Tel: +350 20045000 or Ministry of Culture on Tel: +350 20048063


Cultural Organisations & Associations

Alameda Open Air Theatre
Dr J Cortes - Tel: 00350 20072639

Amateur Radio Society
Mr W Guerrero, ZB2IB PO Box 292

Arts Centre
Mr M Finlayson, Prince Edward's Road - Tel:00350 20079788

Arts & Crafts Association
Mrs G Henshaw, 9 Landport House. Laguna Estate

Astronomical Society
Mr W Recagno, 504 Trafalgar House

Cage Bird Society
Mr E Gracia l4 Lime Tree Lodge Montagu Gardens

Calpe Singers
Mr H Cortes, 32 Prince Edward's Road

Fine Arts Studio
Mr M Montovio, 27 Poplar Lodge, Montagu Gardens

GibDFAS - Gibraltar Decorative and Fine Arts Society more>
Claus Olesen, Eliott Hotel, Governor's Parade, Gibraltar - Tel: 0035 0200 02024

Horticultural Society
Mrs C Capurro, 2 Rodger's Steps

Inces Hall Theatre
Mr M Galliano, Ministry of Culture l4 Governor's Parade - Tel: 00350 2004l687

John Mackintosh Hall Cultural Centre
Mrs G Finlayson - Tel: 00350 20077569

Music Centre
Mr H Cortes, Wellington Front - Tel: 00350 20040745

Ornithological & Natural History Society
Dr J Cortes, PO Box 843 Rock on the Rock c/o Parodytur Cathedral Square

Photographic Society
Mr L Linares Wellington Front

Societa Dante Alighieri
Mr Patrick H Canessa, Italian Consulate - Tel: 00350 20047096

United Nations Association
PO Box 538, 120 Main Street

Vibrations Guitar Ensemble
Mr W Gomez, l7 Hawthorn Lodge Montagu Gardens




Team Productions
Mr C Santos, 29 Canton House Varyl Begg Estate

Stage One
Mr J Neish, 304 Orsova House Varyl Begg Estate

Alpha Group
Mr L Perez, 6 Benzrimra's Alley

Trafalgar Theatre Group

Spotlight Drama Group
Mrs M Wallace, 6 Gardiner's View

Group 70
Mr J Cortes, l7 Walnut Lodge Montagu Gardens

Little Theatre Group
Mrs M Hoare, l Sunnyside House Naval Hospital Road

Mr C Gomez, 55 Kingsway House Alameda Estate

Gibraltar Regiment Drama Group
Mr J Ritchie, 22.7 Witham's Road



Mr J Neish, 34 Orsova House Varyl Begg Estate

Gibraltar Academy of Dance
Mrs P Finlayson, The Arts Centre, Prince Edward's Road

Danza Dance Company
Ms A M Gomez, l9B Flat Bastion Road

Tarik Modern Theatre Dance Academy
Mr D Desoiza, l8 Nelson House Laguna Estate

Leit Motif
Ms Y Pons, 222/5 Main Street

Catholic Community Centre Sequence Dance Club
Mr A Neish, l/l9 Serfaty's Passage

Gibraltar National Dance Team
Mr M Prescott, l0 Elm Tree Lodge Montagu Gardens

Stylos Dance Foundation
Mrs L Neale, lB Malvasia Vineyards

Points Dance Company
Mrs S Pitaluga, l4 Blackwatch Tower Brymton


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