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Gibraltar Border

Gibraltar Border

Travel Info

Interational Dialing Code - 350

Code From Spain - 9567

British Airways - Tel: 00350 20044737

Monarch Airways - Tel: 00350 20047477

Gibraltar Airport - Tel: 00350 20073026

Frontier Info - Tel: 00350 20042777

Taxi Association - Tel: 00350 20070027

The land frontier between Gibraltar and Spain is open 24 hours a day, seven days a week both for vehicles and pedestrians. There is no limit on the number of frontier crossings you can make.

By car you take the N-340 and turn off at San Roque for La Línea. The route to the border is well sign-posted. Unfortunately, lengthy queues can form for cars wishing to go onto and leave the Rock. It is often better to park your car in La Línea and walk across the frontier.

To check queues (exiting Gibraltar) at the border call Frontier Queue Information - Tel: +350 20042777.

Gibraltar has its own airport. Regular flights from the UK to Gibraltar are operated by British Airways, Monarch Airlines and EasyJet. Gibraltar can also be accessed by those wishing to fly to Malaga and Jerez airports, both can be reached by road in approximately one hour and 30 minutes.

It is also easy to reach Gibraltar from mainland Spain. There are daily bus services from Málaga and towns on the Costa del Sol plus Algeciras to the border town of La Línea de la Concepcion. From the bus station it is just a few minutes walk to the border. Various tour operators also run day trips from the Costa del Sol resorts to Gibraltar.

Although security at the border has been greatly improved in recent years you may still be approached by individuals trying to sell you a ticket to enter Gibraltar. Entry to Gibraltar is FREE!

A full valid passport or EU Identity card in the case of EU nationals. Other passport holders may need a visa to enter Gibraltar.

Further information available from Tel: +350 20051726 Fax: +350 20042706 Email: [email protected]
or Tel: +350 20073026 Email: [email protected]

The walk from the border into the centre of Gibraltar takes just 15 minutes. There are bus services to various parts of the Rock at the bus stop, on the Gibraltar side of the border,  There is also a taxi rank and Tourist Information Office.

Gibraltar Phone Numbers

Gibraltar phone numbers consist of eight digits. When phoning from within Gibraltar just dial the eight digits. When phoning from abroad precede the number with the international dialling code which is +350. ( 00 350 )