Finding Work in Gibraltar

Finding Work in Gibraltar

Many people move to Andalucía for the lifestyle and climate but are disappointed to find out that the salaries are low and there is a lack of challenging roles for English speakers. For these reasons, many international residents on the Costa del Sol look to Gibraltar as an alternative job market. Although it's a very small place, it has been relatively unaffected by the global credit crunch and there are excellent opportunities for candidates in the financial, IT and gaming sectors.

To support job seekers in Gibraltar, recruitment agency Select Recruit (Gibraltar) have compiled a list of frequently asked questions and their answers.

Q: Are there are any jobs?

A: This is one we're asked a lot and the simple answer is yes. The opportunities are there for those candidates who are willing to put themselves forward and persevere. Gibraltar has been fortunate in not suffering as much from the recession, but the job market is by nature a competitive place and enthusiasm and determination will always make a candidate stand out from the other job seekers.

Q: Do I have to speak Spanish and English to get a job in Gibraltar?

A: English is the official language of Gibraltar, so this is a must. However some positions do require you to be bilingual, as many employers will have Spanish clientele given the close proximity to Spain. A good example would be a receptionist position where you are the first point of contact.

Q: Why are there so many foreign language jobs compared to English speaking jobs?

A: As Gibraltar is a hub for the Online Gaming industry where companies operate across Europe, it is necessary for them to communicate to their specific markets. It may seem as though there are lots of language jobs, but these are quite often entry level positions. There is a variety of English speaking jobs in Gaming, IT, Accounting & Financial Sectors where fluency in English is essential and extra languages are not required.

Q: Should I send my CV direct to employers in Gibraltar on mass?

A: If you have seen an advert for a specific job, you are qualified and have the right experience then they will actively review your application if you apply direct. However, if you are sending your CV out on mass, there is very little chance that the company will be looking for your skill-set at that time and will automatically reject your CV.

It is advisable to wait for suitable positions which match your skill-set before just sending out your CV to all relevant companies. This way you can highlight your skills and experience in relation to the job spec and be seriously considered for the role. If you are registered with an agency, it is their job to actively seek suitable positions which match your skills with the employer's needs and communicate with them at the right time.

Q: I live in Spain but work in Gibraltar, therefore I do not pay tax in Spain. Am I covered by the Spanish health service if anything happens to me?

A: If you are an EU Citizen then you have the right to formally register as a resident of Spain at your nearest Policia National station. This is a simple process that only takes an hour or so. When working in Gibraltar you pay Social Insurance of £102.87 per month. Due to a local agreement between Gibraltar and the provinces of both Cadiz and Malaga this is passed across and classed as your contribution. Therefore you are entitled to Healthcare, Schooling and Unemployment benefits in the same way as any other Spanish resident.

Information about Finding a job in Gibraltar

A: If you plan to be a permanent resident of Gibraltar and are looking to settle long term and want to buy property, or have your children schooled in Gibraltar, then the Allowance based scheme may suit you best. The reason for this is although you pay a higher percentage of tax, the government gives back numerous allowances; such as paying University fees and giving money to home buyers. However, most people prefer the Gross based income scheme where they can pay less tax, without the allowances.

Q: Is there an equivalent to the Jobcentre in Gibraltar?

A: Yes and no. The ETB in Gibraltar is only available to Gibraltarians and Gibraltarian residents. If you live in Spain and work in Gibraltar and are then made redundant, you are not entitled to any Government assistance in seeking employment.

Q: When working with a recruitment agent, how much am I charged?

A: You will not be charged, the costs are recovered from the employer.

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Oliver Medina, Senior Recruitment Consultant (Financial Services and Banking), Select Recruitment Gibraltar