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Sport& Leisure

Judging from the number of sports and leisure associations in Gibraltar, this must be one of the most action-packed rocks in the world (see below).

Water sports take centre stage in Gibraltar with sailing opportunities available at all three marinas. Yachts can be chartered and sailing classes and courses are offered. And, due to the fact that there are more than 30 shipwrecks lying under local waters, diving also takes high priority. Check the marinas for certified diving instructors and the opportunity to work towards a certification, if you so choose.

Golfers will find kindred spirits on The Rock and plenty of opportunities to practice their favourite sport just across the border in Spain.

These and just about every other sport imaginable are represented by the various clubs and associations mentioned below. Telephone numbers are subject to change as new representatives are appointed, but those below should at least serve as a point of initial contact with the group of your choice. For more further information, contact the Gibraltar Government at Victoria Stadium.

General Sporting Associations

Gibraltar Amateur Athletics Association
Tel: 00350 20076820

Gibraltar Olympic Committee
Tel: 00350 20072060

Gibraltar Federation of Bodybuilders
Tel: 00350 20042508

Gibraltar Amateur Boxing Association
Tel: 00350 20071140

Commonwealth Games Association of Gibraltar
Tel: 00350 20078474

Gibraltar Cricket Association
Tel: 00350 20073582

Gibraltar Golf Association
Tel: 00350 20071436

Gibraltar Cycling Association
Tel: 00350 20079751

Gibraltar Island Games Association
Tel: 00350 20070949

Gibraltar Judo Association
Tel: 00350 20072500

Gibraltar Judo Jitsu Academy
Tel: 00350 20079855

Gibraltar Netball Association
Tel: 00350 20042358

Gibraltar Rhythmic Gymnastics
Tel: 00350 20070320

Shotokai Association
Tel: 00350 20040688

Gibraltar Special Olympics
Tel: 00350 20078309

General Leisure Associations

Gibraltar Automobile Club
Tel: 00350 20072288

Gibraltar Motorcycling Club
Sir Herbert Miles Road

Gibraltar Billiards and Snooker Association
Tel: 00350 20042723

Gibraltar Pool Association
Tel: 00350 20074753

Gibraltar Philatelic Bureau
Tel: 00350 20075662

Tel: 00350 20075714

Marine Sports

Gibraltar Snorkelling & Spearfishing Federation
Tel: 00350 20075090

Gibraltar Sportsboat Association
Tel: 00350 20044847

Gibraltar Windsurfing Association
Tel: 00350 20044574

Gibraltar Yachting Association
Tel: 00350 20078897

Team Sports

Gibraltar Amateur Basketball Association
Tel: 00350 20071383

Gibraltar Football Association
Tel: 00350 20072500

Gibraltar Hockey Association
Tel: 00350 20074156

Gibraltar Amateur Rowing Association
Tel: 00350 20072060

Gibraltar Rugby Football Association
Tel: 00350 20073108

Gibraltar Volleyball Association
Tel: 00350 20070591

Racket Sports

Gibraltar Badminton Association
Tel: 00350 20074753

Gibraltar Squash Rackets Association
Tel: 00350 20072112

Gibraltar Table Tennis Association
Tel: 00350 20072934

Gibraltar Tennis Association
Tel: 00350 20077035

Target Sports

Gibraltar Archery Society
Tel: 00350 20075997

Gibraltar Clay Pigeon Shooting Club
Tel: 00350 20074799

Gibraltar Pistol Association
Tel: 00350 20070183

Gibraltar Rifle Association
Tel: 00350 20071473

Gibraltar Target Shooting Federation
Tel: 00350 20072091





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