Gibraltar Beaches

beaches in Gibraltar

Gibraltar's beaches can be divided into eastern and western beaches. Those on the east side tend to be sandy, while those on the west side are typically rocky. The beaches are generally praised for being clean and well-kept.

Eastern Beaches

Eastern Beach
This is Gibraltar's largest beach. It is also fortunate to receive ample sunshine throughout the day.

Catalan Bay
Much smaller than Eastern Beach, Catalan Bay has the charm of a fishing village and is a good place to stroll about and stop for a bite to eat.

Sandy Bay
Not so well known to tourists, Sandy Bay is a small beach enjoyed mostly by locals. It is to the south-east where the rock is sheer. Parking is not a simple matter in this area.

Western Beaches

Little Bay
This rocky beach has rugged cliffs that meet the water straight on. The cliffs provide a nesting area for birds that prefer such rugged terrain.

Camp Bay
This beach is south-west facing and is the site of a spectacular man-made waterfall.

Western Beach
This small sandy beach is situated just on the northern side of the runway


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