Restaurants in Gibraltar

Restaurants in Gibraltar

Gibraltar is a multi-racial community so it follows that its range of restaurants reflects the tastes of its inhabitants. Yes, Gibraltar has a McDonalds, a Burger King, KFC, Subway and a Pizza Hut! Running parallel to Main Street is the pedestrianised Irish Town that is well worth a visit with its historic coffee houses, specialist ironmongers, Irish pubs and attractive restaurants.

You can find most ethnic and international cuisines in Gibraltar, including Indian, Chinese, Thai, Argentinean, Japanese, Moroccan, Kosher and European, such as English, Danish, French, Spanish and Italian. For a meal on the go, there are fast-food restaurants and conveniently located sandwich bars plus, plenty of 'ye olde' English pubs and pavement cafés. Fish lovers are catered for as well.

The marinas are an easy walk from the city centre, while Catalan Bay on the east side is equally charming with well situated restaurants specializing in seafood with that 'catch of the day' freshness.




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