Insuring a Car

Insuring a Car

All risk "todo riesgo" car insurance will cost between 1.000 euros to 2.000 euros per year for a small car.

Third party insurance is the legal minimum and will cost about 400 euros per year. It will cover you for claims by third parties up to 360.000 euros, for injury and 100.000 euros for damage. It does not cover you or your car, only third parties up to the maximum limits stated.

You can pay extra to have the limits raised or even made unlimited. You can extend your cover for fire, theft, damage to your vehicle.

Your Spanish car insurance will automatically cover you for the legal minimum in other european countries. A green card will increase this cover to the same level as your own policy. Many insurance policies issue a green card "free" others will make a small charge.

Travelers to Morocco will be forced to take out temporary Moroccan car insurance whether they posses a green card or not.

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