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Van hire in Andalucia

Van Hire

With the increasing trend of people moving more frequently between countries, either to find their place in the sun in Andalucía, for work purposes, or to return to their native lands, the thought of moving all their belongings can sometimes pose a problem.

There are many reputable firms in this area who will come in, pack up everything and move you, but it can be more economical to hire a van and do it yourself and certainly is more fun. Or perhaps you only need to move goods or personal effects more locally, from one office to another or from a home in one town to another, or even just down the road. Tell the van hire company exactly what your requirements are and they will inform you what kind of vehicle would be the most suitable.



Most hired vans can be driven on an ordinary car licence, but you must have this confirmed and also specify how many people will be driving as each person has to produce their original valid licence at the time of hiring. There are restrictions of course, for legal purposes and for safety, so it is essential to read the small print before signing the paperwork. It is also advisable to check out the insurance conditions.

Small vans, large vans, transit vans, are all available for hire and most of them have three front seats so you can take two passengers to help you move. Modern vans are easy to manoeuvre, with good visibility for parking, but if you have never driven one before, take a practice run before you load up. Many companies will quote you daily or even hourly rates and if you do not want to drive yourself some companies will provide a driver who will also assist you with loading and unloading.
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