Point Based Licenses

Driving and Motoring

Driving licenses in Spain have a credit of 12 points from when the points system was introduced on 1st July 2006, except in the case of drivers who have been driving for 3 years or less; those only have 8 points.

The points will be deducted from licenses of drivers caught committing driving offences. Depending on how serious the offence is, drivers will have from 2 to 6 points deducted from their license.

Equally after three years without infractions the driver gains 2 points and after another three years the driver gains another point reaching a maximup of 15. New drivers reaching three years without infractions gain 4 ponts passing from 8 to 12.



You lose 2 points:

  • Stopping in bus lanes , pedestrian crossings or creating danger for passing traffic
  • Using devices to locate radar speed camera detectors (not GPS)
  • Driving without lights when required
  • Riding a motorbike with a passenger under 12 years old
  • Exceeding speed limits between 20 and 30 km/h

You lose 3 points:

  • Not following traffic signs or road markings instructions
  • Using any devices that could distract your attention from driving: mobile phones, earphones, etc.
  • Not keeping a safe distance from the vehicle in front
  • Driving without a seatbelt or without a helmet in the case of motorbikes
  • Exceeding speed limits between 30 and 40 k/ph

You lose 4 points:

  • Driving on motorways or highways where there is restricted access for your type of vehicle.
  • Exceeding by 50% the maximum passenger capacity of the vehicle
    Not driving with the required license for the type of vehicle you are driving
  • Throwing objects on the road that could cause fire or accidents
  • Putting other drivers at risk
  • Exceeding speed limits by over 40 k/ph
  • Ignoring traffic lights when in red or a stop sign.
  • Breaking overtaking rules, being a hazard to oncoming vehicles or overtaking in low visibility areas.
  • Endangering cyclists’ lives by blocking or passing too close to them
  • Illegally parking or waiting on a motorway or highway
  • Ignoring the instructions of traffic police officers
  • Hindering overtaking vehicles by accelerating or with other manoeuvres

You lose 6 points

  • Driving under the influence of alcohol, drugs, or other substances
  • Reckless driving in the wrong lane or taking part in illegal races
  • Refusing to take a breathalysing test, a drugs test or a test for other substances
  • Driving 50% more than the speed limit

Despite the maximum points an offender can lose in one day is 8 points, this system gives traffic authorities the power to immediately withdraw the licence if the offence is considered to be extremely serious, i.e. driving under the effects of alcohol or drugs, refusing to do a breathalyser test or driving at over 50 percent the speed limit.

Besides losing points, fines will be also imposed according to how serious the offence is: a fine for a serious offence ranges from 91 euros to 300 and a very serious from 301 to 600 euros. Read more about fines that can be imposed.

Recuperating lost points

If in two years you don't loose any more points, you will automatically retun to the 12 points. it is also posible to go on a driving safety course to recuperate points. More detais in DGT website.

It is posible to check you points on the DGT website with a digital signiture or download you last 10 year driving history. More detais in DGT website. An insurance company, with you permission, can check you points for the purpose of preparing a motor quootation.

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