Luxury Vehicle Dealerships

Choosing a Luxury Vehicle Dealership

The region of Andalucia has a very high number of luxury vehicles due to the fact that its lifestyle attracts people from all over the world. Hundreds of beautiful vehicles including Mercedes, Ferrari, Aston Martin, BMW, Jaguar, Maserati, Bentley, and Rolls Royce among others are constantly seen in posh places like Seville, Marbella, or among the massive yachts of Puerto Banus. These vehicles speak of success and prestige and they represent the art of auto manufacturing at its very best.

A luxury car is more than just a vehicle – it can be the reward for years of tireless work and self-denial. A luxury vehicle can be the culmination of a dream. However, choosing a dealership is something that requires some hard research because it is not a one-time decision; instead, is a choice that should lead to a long-term relationship.

If your selection is a good one, the relationship will be a happy and productive one for both you and the dealership. If not, you might find your special purchase adding stress to your life instead of bringing you the fun and enjoyment you had imagined. Here are a few tips on how to locate the right luxury vehicle dealership to suit your needs.



1. Do They Have the Best Selection of Vehicles?

When making any purchase, it is always better to comparison shop and the purchase of a luxury vehicle is no different. However, due to the specialised nature of the luxury car business and the relatively small market, finding comparisons might not be as easy as just as going around the corner.

This is why many luxury vehicle dealerships deal with a number of luxury brands and not only with a few. The client can then move from showroom to showroom with the least of trouble and compare models and brands without leaving the premises. Many dealers have even expanded beyond the traditional luxury cars into other prestige vehicles like sports utility vehicles and motorcycles, all in an attempt to simplify the comparison and buying process for the customer. The more alternatives you are offered, the better informed you decision will be.

2. How Good are the Sales Associates?

Buying a luxury vehicle is often the start of a long relationship between the buyer and the dealership and the first step along this road is taken with a sales associate. If he fails in his job, there will be no further steps since the purchase will not proceed.

What differentiates a good luxury car salesperson from a great one? There are a number of factors. First of all, there is the level of professionalism. A luxury vehicle salesperson needs to live and breathe the luxury car industry. This is not a job for the person who only wants to work 9 to 5. These salespeople should be the cream of the crop and love the cars that they sell. They must know their product lines inside and be able to point out not only the strengths but also the weaknesses of whichever vehicle you want because all vehicles are not created equal, luxury vehicles included. Therefore, you might find that they are less aggressive that the average salesmen and due to the nature of their clientele, somewhat more refined.

3. Is the Complete Purchase Process Clearly Defined?

Your sales representative should be able to point out to you the complete purchase process even before you begin to select a vehicle so don’t be embarrassed to ask the questions. If you reside outside of Spain, these considerations might be important, especially if you need to arrange financing or transfer funds.

Most luxury dealerships pride themselves upon having financial partners that deal specifically within the luxury vehicle field. Even if you your own financial people, it never hurts to investigate what kind of financing the dealer is offering. It might save you a great deal of money in the long run.

4. Can You Depend Upon the Parts and Service Departments?

All cars need regular maintenance to keep them operating a peak performance, especially in these days of computerised engine technology and even the most prestigious of cars can have occasional problems. Therefore, be sure that your choice of dealership has everything at hand in order to keep you on the road or at least, to get back on it as quickly as possible. You will need to know how large their parts department is and if the parts aren’t in stock, how long does it take to order it from the supplier? Nothing can be more frustrating than waiting on a part for days or even weeks while you car sits unused.

This point also relates to the service department, which is often the area where most clients find the highest level of dissatisfaction. The service associates in a luxury vehicle dealership are among some of the most valued members of the team. Their knowledge is often specific to certain vehicle brands and it is their professionalism that will keep your vehicle operating with a minimum of problems.

The service department needs to modern, efficient, and of course, certified by the company that made your vehicle. Ask your sales associate take you for a tour and see it for yourself. Do the clients look content or do they look stressed and forgotten? You can learn a great deal about parts and service departments by speaking to a few people who have experience with them.

These are a few important points to think about when looking for a reliable, professional luxury vehicle dealership here in Andalucia. When you drive a luxury vehicle, you expect something a cut above the rest. You expect the best and you deserve it.

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