Recovering Lost Driving license points

Recovering Lost Driving license points

When a driver loses points from Spain’s point based drivers’ license, they can officially be recuperated in two ways:

  1. Two points are given back to drivers if they manage not to lose any points for two years.
  2. Attending special refresher theory and road safety courses is a requirement for those who loose all their points. They also have their license taken away for 6 months, if it is the first time, or 12 months if is the second, and when their licence is returned, they only have 8 points.



As mentioned at the beginning, these are the official ways that points can be recovered. However, from the time the new point-based system was implemented, numerous other ways have been devised to get those precious points back – many of them even advertised in mainstream media.

According to one report, a market for driver’s license points sprang up thanks to the new law, with people who didn’t need their points (possibly because they had stopped driving) selling them to those who did – presumably by taking credit for traffic violations. How far such schemes will take offending drivers remains to be seen.

Special insurance policies are available to insure drivers against the effects of lost points, particularly should they lose all their points.

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