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Incidents and Accidents at MÁlaga Airport  

In reality, there are have only been two major accidents.

So, what happened?

The first major accident at Málaga Airport happened on September 13, 1982 and it was indeed a major tragedy. It was a Spantax flight covering the Málaga-New York route and it took off just a bit too late. Unfortunately this sent the plane across the N-340 highway at the south end of the air field. Fifty people were killed.

The second accident was more recent. On August 29, 2001, Binter Mediterranean Airline was flying a CASA 235 in from the Spanish North African enclave of Melilla when on approach an engine failed, pilot it down shut to prevent fire but inadvertaintly shut down the functioning engine. In this case, the plane was approaching from the south and actually landed before the N-340 highway. Out of 47 occupants on the aircraft, four lost their lives.

These are the only two major accidents (again – knock on wood), but there have also been a few minor accidents. For example:

December 20, 1970

A DC-6 cargo plane operated by Sobelair was forced to return to Malaga due to bad weather conditions at the destination. Unfortunately the aircraft has a problem with the hydraulic system so the crew not only had to return to the airport, but they also had to carry out an emergency landing with just the nose and the right landing gear extended. This caused the plane to veer off the left side of the runway. There were no fatalities.

September 13, 1977

A Fokker F-27 Friendship 200 landed too steeply, hit the runway hard and skidded about 400 meters. There were no fatalities.

October 8, 1961

A Douglas C – 54A – 1 – DC, operated by Lloyd International Airways was destroyed by fire while refueling.

And let’s hope that’s the end of the story.




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