Seville City - La Cartuja

Home to the Exposición Universal 1992, known as Expo 92, this area to the north of Triana now houses a technology park; La Cartuja, a 15th-century monastery which has a contemporary art centre; university departments; a theme park, Isla Magica and some excellent concert venues. You can visit some of the Expo 92 pavilions, such as the Moroccan Pavilion, now the Fundacion Tres Culturas, as well as the Pabellon de Navegacion, an interactive centre themed around voyages of exploration. Near La Cartuja you'll find some great riverside parks dating from the Expo 92: the Jardin Americano, a botanical garden, and the Jardines del Guadalquivir.Expo 92 had pavilions, either individual or shared, of over 100 countries.

You'll also find the 15th-century Monasterio de Santa Maria de Las Cuevas, known locally as the Monasterio de la Cartuja. Here Christopher Columbus planned his voyages of discovery, which is why the area was chosen to hold the international exhibition and festival in 1992 which catapulted Seville onto the world map. La Cartuja Monastery is also home to the CAAC, the Centro Andaluz de Arte Contemporaneo.