All About Seville

All About seville

Much of Seville's interesting history can be seen first hand at one of the many buildings and other sites still standing in the city. Alternatively there is an abundance of museums and art galleries where one can gain insight into the past and present culture that makes up Seville.

Below we have included a bit more information on some of the finer details worth knowing. Learn about the different neighbourhoods or districts that make up the city or read up on the fascinating facts that everyone should know.


Learn more about Seville's rich and fascinating history. More >

World Heritage

There are three UNESCO World Heritage Sites in Seville. More >

Districts or Barrios

Seville has very distinct districts, see our guide to them here. More >

Getting There

By air, road, rail or boat, Seville is very accessible. More >

Fascinating Facts

Play tour guide when you visit with our fascinating facts. More >

Seville Operas

More than 100 operas are set in the city... More >


A handy guide for backpackers visiting the city of Seville. More >


Seville festivals include Carnival, Holy week, and the Spring Fair. More >


If you are considering visiting Seville you may find our maps a useful tool. More >

Photo Blog

See Sophie Carefull's first trip to Seville, in photos. More >

Language Schools

Looking to improve your language skills? Take a look here. More >

Conference Centre

Conference centres, trade fairs and conferences in Seville. More >

Driving Itineraries

Information on car hire itineraries to and from Seville Airport. More >

Tourist Offices

A list of the tourist offices in Seville. More >


See the weather in Seville for your trip. More >