Seville Feria - Five Fascinating Facts

The paper lanterns that first made their appearance at the 1877 fair. © Michelle Chaplow
The paper lanterns that first made their appearance at the 1877 fair.

Seville Feria - Five Fascinating Facts

Seville’s April fair has a long and varied history. Here are a few facts and figures associated with its past, and its present traditions.

The first thing you'll see when you arrive at the Seville Fair from the city centre is the portada - the gateway, where you traditionally enter the fairground. Everyone gets their photo… More →

Seville’s fair is officially known as the April Fair, but in fact, it  isn’t always been celebrated entirely in April, and sometimes even takes place in May. The date depends on when Easter falls… More →

The Sevilla Fair might be all about drinking, dancing and parading about on horseback, but don’t think for a minute this means there are no rules for participants; in fact, the rules are very… More →

Feria Paraphernalia. Each and every decorative element used in Seville’s spring fair has its own unique history. The paper lanterns that are strung across the fairgrounds first made their… More →

The traje de flamenca, or flamenco dress, worn by women at the Feria is the only regional clothing that changes according to fashion – colour, length, neckline, sleeve type, spot size etc. The… More →

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