Seville Province - La Vega

Sevilla Province Map
Seville Province Map

La Vega

La Vega is the name of a 'comarca' (region or area) in the north to north east of the province of Seville. It is made up from 12 municipal districts and even more small villages.

The municipal districts are Alcalá del Río, Alcolea del Río, Brenes, Burguillos, Cantillana, La Algaba, La Rinconada, Lora del Río,  Peñaflor, Tocina, Villanueva del Río y Minas and Villaverde del Río y Minas.

La Vega is bounded on the west and north by Sierra Norte, to the east by Cordoba and to the south by the Metropolitan Area and La Campiña.

The largest town is Lora del Río, rich in history and archaeological sites. 

Alcalá del Río

The town’s celebrations during Semana Santa have been declared of National Tourist Interest. More >

Alcolea del Río

The name of the town is derived from an Arabic word meaning small fortification.
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Brenes is a town that originated in the Visigoth era. More >


A place to go for people who emjoy open air activities such as hiking or hunting. More >


Each year the town holds the popular and well-known Fiesta de la Divina Pastora. More >

La Algaba

The Feria de los Toros that is held here may be of interest to tourists. More >

La Rinconada

This town has one of the biggest rose farms in the world.
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Lora del Río

In the area known as the Poblamiento Tartésico de la Mesa de Setefilla, you’ll find Bronze Age ruins. More >


Ruins of Roman baths, aqueducts, and a harbour on the River Guadalquivir, have been found in the town. More >


Neolithic remains found in the town show that it was inhabited in prehistoric times.
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Villanueva del Río y Minas

In 1972, the government decided to cease mining activities in Villanueva del Río y Minas. More >

Villaverde del Río y Minas

The River Guadalquivir and also the Siete Arroyos River on its eastern side. An ideal location for tranquillity with nature. More >