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Welcome to the Andalucia Highlights 2008!

This ezine is dedicated to southern Spain, an area well known for sun, sand, sea and endless expanses of inland olive groves and mountain ranges dotted by white pueblos. All this and so much more await you in this land of ancient history, culture and tradition. Explore the best of Andalucia right here in the pages of southern Spain's top online magazine.

Visit our current issue of Andalucia Magazine. Back issues of Andalucia Magazine can be viewed here too. Every month we bring you an updated edition of this top information source, focusing our spotlight on different aspects of Andalucian culture, travel and even famous writers, actors, artists, bullfighters and many other celebrities born in Andalucia or otherwise connected to southern Spain. Andalucia Magazine also brings you all the news about events including festivals and fair dates in Andalucia. Andalucia Magazine is your number one ezine for all things Andalucian.

Whether you are searching for information on Seville with it’s amazing annual Spring Fair, Cádiz and the carnival experience of a lifetime, or Granada with its world famous Alhambra, you’ll find it all right here in the pages of Andalucia Magazine and those of its publisher, We can also take you to Almería, where the vast expanses of Cabo de Gata’s beaches welcome visitors to its Natural Park. For excellent beaches, also try Huelva for deserted beaches that stretch to the Atlantic Ocean or Málaga for the busier most bustling Costa del Sol. If you prefer inland areas head for Jaen and spend a night in the Santa Catalina castle, which is today a Parador Hotel, or spend some time in Córdoba, not missing the city’s emblematic mosque.

There is so much to do and see in this part of the world. Visitors can never cover everything in a single trip, which is why so many decide to relocate to southern Spain either part time or permanently. If you decide to stay, Andalucia Magazine will also provide you with all the information you need for living in Andalucia whether you choose to retire here or to set up a business and enjoy a whole new life in the sun.

A bite of Spain

arrowA Bite of Spain

Bring Spain's best tapas to a kitchen near you!

arrowChristmas Festivals

Spain is filled with good cheer and celebrations at Christmas.

arrowDiana Navarro

Meet an original voice from the South of Spain.

Virgen del Carmen

arrow Sergio García

This Spanish golfer has reached number 2 in the world ranking, read his interview with us here!

arrowSierra Nevada

Ski the slopes in style thanks to new improved lifts and facilities!...

arrowNovember Festivals

Where to go and what to do in Andalucia this month...


Museo Flamenco Sevilla

Don't miss out on the Female Flamenco Photography Exhibition in Sevilla, this month in Andalucia.

arrowGastronomy Festivals

Discover the Andalucian food festivals taking place in October


Victoria Hislop

Exclusive interview with Victoria Hislop, autor of the fascinating bestseller, "The Return".


David Bisbal

The Andalucian heart throb that it David Bisbal - See our exclusive interview here.

arrowFeria Goyesca

An event that captures the imagination of Spain with its traditional dress and glamour...

arrowLa Vendimia

The grape harvest in Andalucia begins on the month of September....

Victorio & Lucchino

arrowVictorio & Lucchino

Exclusive interview with world renowned Andalucian fashion designers...

arrowThe Sanlúcar Races

Top breeds race on the beach. Don't miss it!

arrowMálaga Fair

The annual Málaga Fair attracts millions to this seaside provincial capital...

Virgen del Carmen

arrowLa Virgen del Carmen

Don´t miss this spectacular procession all over Spain...

arrowPasión Vega

Read our interview with Pasión Vega who is recording her new CD

arrowAndalucia a Cultural History

We speak to John Gill about his new book....


arrowOsborne Bull

The Osborne Bull is the black silhouette of bull that stands on hilltops and along the roadside.

arrowAntonio Banderas

This highly acclaimed actor has it all – the looks, the charm, the drive, the energy, the creativity.

arrowNoche de San Juan

Certain festivals seem to summarize life in Spain, with its love of having a good time in the company of friends and loved ones.


May Festivals

You can choose from Los Patios de Mayo, Cruces de Mayo and El Rocío. Enjoy the festivals!

arrowSalvador Compán

An Andalusian author whose work has been widely read throughout the Spanish speaking world.



Imagine spending the night in a Spanish castle, looking down from your perch on a lone hilltop.

arrowSeville Fair

Seville is an amazing city to visit any time of year, but Spring is special in Sevilla.

arrowFederíco García Lorca

Federico Garcia Lorca is not only Spain's most universal poet.


Time for all true Andalusians to leave their cocoons, pack their cars and head for the hills and beaches.

arrowSemana Santa

Holy Week, Semana Santa, in Andalucia is a tradition that literally transforms towns and cities across.

arrow The Mop

Explorers, conquerors, painters, poets and writers abound from the Golden Age onwards, but inventors?

arrowDiego Santos

Málaga born Diego Santos lives in the heart of his native city’s centre is – the birth place of Pablo Picasso.


The carnival is, celebrated before the 40 days of Lent as a way to let loose before the prohibitions.

arrowInterview with Ian Gibson

Ian Gibson may be declared one of the highest worldwide authorities on Lorca and Dali.


I am the proud holder of a Spanish driver’s licence. You cannot imagine how proud.

arrowRejuvenating spas

Few things can relax and rejuvenate a person like an escape to a luxury spa.

arrowAndalusian Dream Home

If your home is your castle, then you won't be the first to decide that Spain is the best place for it.

arrow Spanish Surprises

Whether you’re living in Spain or you’re planning to move here, this is one list you won’t want to miss.

Andalucia Highlights