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Cabo del Gata

Cabo del Gata

This is the name of a small hamlet near on one of the major Capes of the Spanish Mediterranean coast. Although there are only a few houses, a small general store and a few beach bars here, its a good place to stock up on refreshments.  

The cape features a rocky coastline with a few inlets and very little sign of himan development. It gives it name to the Natural Park Cabo de Gata - Nijar.

The Cabo de Gata cape and lighthouse can be visited by car taking the AL-3115 off the A-344 north of Almeria city at Retamar near the Almeria Airport. The A-3115 passes the small hamlet of Cabo de Gata, passed the salt lagoons, the abandoned church with eerie restored tower and continues along the rocky coast to the lighthouse.   Information boards advise visitors about the location and the wildlife. There is a small car park and photo oportunities. The unmanned lighthouse is not open to the public. 

At Cala de Coralette there are a few houses, car parking and a beach. 

The ALP-822 road continues a few km further east past some small rocky coves to the barrier where you must continue on foot or bicycle.   The path cuts inland to traverse a couple of steep ravines. Small paths lead down to a number of interesting coves and beaches. After 3km you reach civilisaton and the Car park for the better known Playa Monsul, further on is  Playa Genoveses before continuing to the delights of the popular village of San José

If you are suitably equipped and organised this would be an excellent walk that most tourist miss out for the logistics. Draw straws for one of the party to drive round to Playa Monsul car park to meet you.