Written by Marta Palomo Hermoso, Translated by Emma Cattle and Fiona Flores Watson

This village is a great combination of the beautiful sierra and the beach, which is just a few minutes away. As a result, visitors to Lújar can experience the mountains and the sea on the same day - perfect.

The village is located at the foot of the mountain that shares its name, and the village centre shows evidence of various past influences. The houses sit in the shadow of the mountain like a small gateway. Traces of wells and Muslim aquifers have been discovered here.

The origins of this village are found in the Phoenician period, from which the thousand-year-old olive trees found in the area date - you can find them in El Castillejo.

In the village centre, with steep, narrow streets, is the most important monument in Lújar: la Iglesia Parroquial de Santo Cristo de Cabrilla. Outside the village, visitors can take a walk through the impressive Mediterranean forest, formed by corn oaks, chestnuts and pine trees: el Alcornocal de Lújar. This has been declared a Complejo Serrano de Interés Medioambiental (a mountain complex of environmental interest). Also recommended is a walk up the mountain - not for the faint hearted! The route is steep, narrow and dangerous, but the adventurous will be rewarded with amazing views of Sierra Nevada.

Local handicraft products are mainly made in ceramic, and can be widely purchased in the area.


There are various traditional dishes in Lújar, the most popular being lomo en orza (steak cooked in a clay pot). Other specialties include zalamandroña (a dish made with cod, sardines, peppers, onions, tomatoes and pumpkin) and pan de higo (fig bread).


Patron saints days are celebrated in August, and 7 October is a celebration for la Virgen del Rosario.


Lújar is 98km from Granada city. Take the A-44 (direction Motril) and once you pass it, take the N-323 and the N-340. After passing Castell de Ferro, take the GR-SE-41 to Lújar. 

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