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As with other villages in this coastal area of Granada province, Polopos is formed by various different areas: Castillo de Baños, La Mamola, Haza del Lino, Haza del Trigo, La Guapa and Polopos. The first two are located on the coast: one on a plain known as Puerta de Baños and the other at the foot of a hill topped with a watchtower; the others are located inland.

The main district of Polopos is located in the Sierra de la Contraviesa, between the Mediterranean Sea and the Haza del Lino, a natural environment ideal for those in search of sun and beach, as well as those who prefer rural tourism.


Things to See

The historical and artistic heritage in Polopos is diverse and varied, with interesting buildings of a civil as well as religious character. In the first group, there is the Honrabeque de Castillo de Baños, a fortification composed of two bastions built in the 16th century and reconstructed in the 18th; and the Torre de Cautor, whose origins seem to be Arabic, rebuilt in the 16th century. Close by, you can see a waterwheel and the remains of other constructions. In terms of religious heritage, there is the Iglesia de la Asunción, in La Mamola; the Iglesia parroquial de Nuestra Señora del Rosario, built in the 18th century over what was previously the Polopos mosque; and the Ermita de Santa Ana, in Haza de Trigo.



The gastronomy of the poloperos is varied, with recipes characteristic of the coastal and inland areas. Typical dishes include pescado frito (fried fish), guiso de pescado (fish stew), morcilla (black pudding), pancetta, lomos en adobo (steak in a marinade), choto (veal), tortas de chicharrones (pork scratchings), pan de higo (fig bread) and buñuelos (doughnuts).


For visitors who want to experience the most traditional fiestas of Polopos, try to visit during the summer months. In June, the patron saints' festivals take place in Castillo de Baños and La Guapa, in honour of San Juan Bautista. In July, those in Haza del Trigo honouring Santa Ana; and in August, in Polopos in honour of la Virgen del Rosario, and in La Mamola in honour of la Virgen del Carmen.


Polopos is 85km from Granada city. Take the A-44 (direction Motril), and leave at exit 139 for Otura. Then take exit 164 to join with the A-348. Once you pass Lanjarón, join with the A-4131 to take the GR-SE-38 which takes you directly to the centre of Polopos.



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