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Seville City - Fascinating Fact 6

The logo of Seville © Michelle Chaplow
The backstory on the logo of Seville

Seville City - Fascinating Fact 6

Here is a facts that you may or may not know about the city, whether you´re visiting Seville for the first time, you´re a seasoned expert, or you live here. Films, fruit, sport, history, religion and politics - tasty titbits for everyone to savour


Visitors to Seville will notice a symbol on many signs around the city, from taxis and buses to sewer covers, consisting of the letters ´NO8DO´. This is the city´s logo, and legend says that it originates from the 13th-century coat of arms awarded to Sevilla by King Alfonso X the Wise. He bestowed it in gratitude for Seville´s support in his battles against his son, Sancho IV of Castile, who wanted to usurp his father´s throne during the Reconquest. Between the ´NO and ´DO´ is an 8-shaped bundle of wool (madeja in Spanish). Add the three together, speaking in Seville´s fast, elliptical accent and you have ´no-madeja-do´, more correctly, ´no me ha dejado´ which means ´it (the city) has not abandoned me´. The motto was his reward to the people of Seville for their loyalty.



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