Seville City - Fascinating Fact 5

Callejon de la Inquisition © Michelle Chaplow
Callejon de la Inquisition

Seville City - Fascinating Fact 5


This dark period in Catholicism´s history is still endlessly, if morbidly, fascinating, and it is rumoured that a museum on the Spanish church´s merciless 300-year purge of ´heretics´ is being planned in Seville. The Spanish Inquisition was founded in Sevilla in 1481, and was based at Castillo de San Jorge, just over the Triana bridge by the market - look out for Callejon de la Inquisition when you´re visiting. Trials were held in Plaza San Francisco behind the modern ayuntamiento building (town hall) - the first ever auto da fe (act of faith) took place in Seville. Then, the poor souls were taken to the Prado de San Sebastian and burned alive on a quemadero (burning platform, ironically designed by a Jewish architect, later a victim himself), or shown the small mercy of being garrotted first if they repented. Above all, the Jewish population, which lived in Barrio Santa Cruz, was targeted, and their synagogues destroyed.



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