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Seville City - Fascinating Fact 10

Semana Santa in Seville © Michelle Chaplow
Semana Santa in Seville - Virgen de la Estrella de Triana.

Seville City - Fascinating Fact 10


Seville is a city of dualities. If you´re a football fan, as many Sevillanos are, you´re either a betico or a sevillista, supporting Real Betis Balompie (green and white strip) or Sevilla Football Club (red and white). The rivalry is legendary since both clubs were founded in the early 20th century, Sevilla in 1905 and then two years later Betis. If you are visiting Seville on a Sunday when there´s a derby match, be prepared for horns honking continuously all night.

Semana Santa, presents another test of royalty - is your favourite virgin La Esperanza de Triana, or La Esperanza de Macarena? Every taxi, bar, hotel and shop in Seville displays pictures of one or the other, and visitors will be amazed by how ubiquitous their sad faces and golden halos are. 



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