Seville City - Fascinating Fact 7

The remains of Columbus in the cathedral of Seville. © Michelle Chaplow
The remains of Columbus in the cathedral of Seville.

Seville City - Fascinating Fact 7


One of the most controversial of Seville´s many claims is that Cristobal Colón (Christopher Columbus) is buried here, in Sevilla´s mighty Gothic cathedral, variously described as either the third, second or biggest cathedral in the world (the other contenders being St Peter´s in Rome, and St Paul´s in London), depending on who you talk to.

The story goes that after Columbus died in 1506, his remains were buried first in Valladolid, then taken to Monasterio La Cartuja in Sevilla; thence to the Dominican Republic, and finally Havana, from where they were returned after Cuban independence in 1898. But others claim that the true remains are still in the Dominican Republic, and that his son Diego´s remains were mistakenly taken back to Sevilla instead of Christopher´s. In 2006 DNA tests verified that those in Sevilla cathedral were indeed Columbus senior´s, although who´s to say that other remains are not elsewhere?



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