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© Michelle Chaplow Pastora at the 2012 Global Gift Gala Marbella
Pastora at the 2012 Global Gift Gala Marbella

Born in Sevilla, Andalucía, Pastora Soler is one of the most recognisable artists in the world of Spanish music. She recorded her first album in 1994, and since then, has received numerous prizes and awards: the most recent being the Premio Cadena Dial 2011. She has just released her latest album: "Una mujer como yo" (A woman like me), and represented Spain in the Eurovision song contest in 2012, with the song "Quedate conmigo" (stay with me).

In the summer of 2012 Pastora graced Marbella with her presence on two occasions: The Starlite Gala and The Global Gift Gala, at which she performed. Andalucia.com´s Paz Rosado was lucky enough to speak to her in Malaga:

AC: What do you like most about your work?

PS: Being on stage...

AC: And the least?

PS: The luggage; the suitcases, and spending so much time away from home.

AC: What is the most important lesson that your profession has taught you?

PS: That it's important to be yourself.

AC: What is the most important thing that life has taught you?

PS: That you have to live in the moment, enjoy the present: the now.

AC: Who has been the best mentor in your professional life?

PS: Luis Sanz, he was the first person to give me an opportunity in the music business.

AC: Do you have a dream that is yet to come true?

PS: I want to be a mother.

AC: Can you tell us a dream of yours that has already come true?

PS: I always wanted to continue singing after the age of 18.

AC: What is the best advice that you've been given and by whom?

PS: Luis Sanz, he told me to always be myself.

AC: If you had to give one piece of advice to give to a new artist, what would it be?

PS: To always keep fighting.

AC: In the soundtrack to your life, what would be the theme tune?

PS: I am Alive, by Celine Dion.

AC: What does it mean to you to be from Andalucía?

PS: Everything!

AC: What you like most about the people of Andalucía'

PS: Their joy.

AC: What you like least?

PS: I don´t have anything bad to say about the people of Andalucia!

AC: If you had to choose a city in Andalucía to take a break/lose yourself in, and why?

PS: Seville, because I was born there and it has a "special colour" to me.

AC: If you had to choose a city in Andalucía to live in, which would it be and why?

PS: Malaga, for the beaches, the people and the light.

AC: What is your favourite food?

PS: Stew.

AC: In your free time, what do you like to do?

PS: Sports.

AC: How would define your frame of mind right now?

PS: Happy!