National Traffic Authority

National Traffic Authority

The National Traffic Authority in Spain is called the DGT – “Dirección General de Tráfico” and co-ordinates traffic across the country.

The DGT’s website provides some information in English and is a good place to start looking for information about any official documents you would like to acquire, such as the Spanish point-based driver’s license.

The DGT also provides frequently updated traffic advisories for roads across the country via the website as well as detailed information about policies and laws. Here you can also access statistics for road accidents, injuries and fatalities for past and recent years.

In addition to all the basic information at the DGT’s official site, there is access to the organisation’s magazine which provides information about every topic imaginable – related to roads, drivers and traffic in Spain. The magazine includes a special question and answer section, which is a good place to visit to learn more about the reality of life on Spanish roads as well as to pose a few questions of your own.

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Location of DGT offices