Road Maps

Road Maps

GPS works well throughout Andalucia, but there is no substitute for a good road map when it comes to planning out a journey or ensuring you can find alternative routes when construction blocks off the access seen on a GPS screen.

A wide variety of road maps flood the market. However, the most highly recommended is the Michellin 446 of Southern Spain.

For making your way around towns and cities, it is often useful to consult maps online and even to print out satellite maps in order to orient yourself before entering a maze of streets, especially when entering older sections of a city where a less than logical layout and a lack of good street signs can get you lost faster than you can say “labrynth”!

Printed Motoring Maps

Michelin publishes the best motoring maps of Spain.
A motoring map of the whole of Spain at a scale of 1:1.000.000 or 10 kilometres per centimetre is the "Michelin Map 990: Spain".

Michelin also publishes more detailed motoring maps of individual areas of Spain at a scale of 1:400.000 or 2.5 kilometres per centimetre as follows:

  • Michelin Map 571 Spain: Northwest, Galicia Buy
  • Michelin Map 572 Spain: Northwest, Asturias, Cantabria Buy
  • Michelin Map 573 Spain: North, Basque Country, Navarra, La Rioja Buy
  • Michelin Map 574 Spain: Northeast Catalonia, Aragon, Andorra Buy
  • Michelin Map 576 Spain: Central and West: Extremadura, Castilla-La Mancha, Madrid Buy
  • Michelin Map 577 Spain: Centre/East Murcia Valencia Buy
  • Michelin Map 578 Spain: South Andalucia Buy

Here is an example of the detail of these maps:

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