Driving and Motoring - Motorways

Road Tripping in Andalucia © Michelle Chaplow
Road Tripping in Andalucia © Michelle Chaplow


All of the provincial capital cities of Andalucia are now linked by two lane fast motorways.

The toll motorways are from Seville to Jerez (free of charge since the 1st of January 2020) and from Malaga to Marbella, from Marbella to Estepona and from Estepona to Sotogrande. The A-P46 Motorway from Malaga to Villanueva de Cauche on the A45 towards Antequera is also toll. These are all in very good condition and have low traffic density.

The toll motorways are identified by the prefix AP (Autopista Paeje) and the non toll motorways are just A (Autpista). Motorway numbers have one or two digits eg A-7 or A-45, Regional roads in Andalucia are also prefixed A (Andalucia) but have three digits eg A-375.

See the current motorway network on the map below: