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Number Plates

Number Plates

Spanish number plates are the new style number plates featuring the blue european logo on the left with E for Spain. The format for these is national and comprises four numbers followed by three letters. They are sequential on a national basis.



Approximate date of Car registration;

Theses are the numberplates with the E and EU star on the left hand side.

nnnn AAA - September 2000
nnnn BAA - September 2000
nnnn CAA - October 2002
nnnn DAA - September 2004
nnnn EAA - May 2006
nnnn FAA - May 2006
nnnn GAA - May 2008
nnnn HAA - December 2010
nnnn IAA - November 2014
nnnn JAA - November 2014
nnnn KAA - June 2017
nnnn LAA - June 2019

Old provincial car number plates

Cars registered before October 2000 begin with the two letter code for the province. The format was AA 1234 NN. (Two letters for the province code, four number and two sequential letters. Before 1970 the number plates were just two letters for the province and up to six sequential numbers. AA 123456. A car from another province is probably travelling and may well be unfamiliar with the road.

  • HU = Huelva
  • SE = Seville
  • CO = Cordoba
  • J = Jaen
  • CA = Cadiz
  • MA = Malaga
  • GR = Granada
  • AL = Almeria

Special Government Number Plates

There are some additional series

PGC 123456 Guardia Civil

ET 123456 Army

Coloured number plates

The Spanish number plates are black letters on a white background. There are coloured number plates.

Red background is for large trailers for lorries
Green background is for temporary number plates, such as an recently imported car.
Blue background is for Taxi and private Hire vehicles such as Uber.