Itineraries - Seville to Cordoba

Photographic landscapes in are in abundance on this route, especially amongst the olive groves. © Michelle Chaplow
Photographic landscapes in are in abundance on this route, especially amongst the olive groves.

150 km - 1 1/2 hours

From Seville to Cordoba most travellers will take the NIV toll free motorway which leads on to Madrid. The route crosses the rolling plains called 'La Campaña'. The plains are cultivated with olives, wheat, oranges and sunflowers. The colours are a landscape photographers dream, always changing as the crops ripen under the scorching sun. This are is often known as the 'frying pan' In the summer temperatures often reach 40 celcius.

The alternative slower route follows the great River Guadalquivir and takes the C431 road.

Leave Seville by the NIV, 6 km from the city the motorway passes the international airport. After 35km we pass one of Spain's best preserved old towns - Carmona.

The motorway to Cordoba also passes Ecija which is often called the 'city of towers'. Ecija sits on the banks of the River Genil has roman origins, but most of the towns monuments date for the 18th century.

We leave the motorway at Carmona taking the C432 down to the River Guadalquivir at Lora del Rio. Here you can see how the river irrigates the estates that lie close to it. Lora del Rio is also a gateway to the expansiveNatural Park of Sierra Norte de Sevilla just to the north.

25 km further upstream from Lorca we turn right through orange groves to visit the town of Palma del Rio birthplace of the legendary bullfighter 'El Cordobes'. Palma is a gateway to the Natural Park Sierra de Horcnachuelos and village of the same name, Hornachuelos.

Near the river here cotton, tobacco and asparagus flourish, we pass the village of Posados and see one of the most striking castles in Spain - Almodovar del Rio. The moorish battlements recently restored stand guard over the river and plain.

We are now only 25km to Cordoba. Shortly before entering the city turn left and drive 5km into the hills. Here we find the the ruins of the important 10 century moorish palace Medina Mazahara.

From Cordoba we offer a choice of two routes to Granada, one the Cordoba to Antequera itinerary and the other Cordoba to Jaen itinerary.



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